Top Car Racing Championships

Car racing championships have been gaining popularity after a long time. These car racing championships was first started in 1887 and there is no looking back since. As the popularity increased car racing championships started to be managed and organized. These sports activity started with various cars as well from formula one races, touring cars to production car races. Some of the most popular car racing championships today are.


FIA Formula One World Championship

This is arguably one of the world highest class of car racing. This is one championship where the worlds fastest cars gather for a win. The race is conduced in a specially built circuits on public roads. There are a lot of rules one needs to follow before and after participation. Due to its huge popularity it receives some huge sponsorships for the event.

after participation

FIA World Rally Championship

This is a championship which takes place for the series of 2-4 days. The tracks are some of the biggest and the toughest in the world. This championship is considered to the greatest by every participant. It is also one of the most covered championship which can be caught on TV due to it’s large fan base.


WTCC F1A World Touring Car Championship

This championship is promoted by Eurosport which is expanded very rapidly which covers many countries. It is creating a game franchisee in every corner of the world. They have a broad topic for the target audience for the championship. The sheer number of participants and viewers are growing and is said to beat the other gaming championship to the top.


American Championship Car racing

This is a national car racing championship where single seater and racing professions participate. They have rules ad regulations which is similar to the formula one racing cars. The cars used are not as technology driven as the F1 cars but the cost per participant makes it one of the most important national championship.

Car racing


Le Mans Series

This is a European sports car championship which is managed by Automobiles Club de I’Quest. It was initially an Europe based championship but later due to its popularity reached it international status. The main aim for this championship to attract sports cars and teams into the series for the main purpose of expanding.


British Touring Car Championship

This is championship held in United Kingdom. They have recently updated its rules and regulations to bring a better and low cost car designs and engines. They tried to remove the performance disparities between the cars which even makes for a good television coverage in the UK. It has also seen a growth in popularity across Europe and Australia.