Top Car Racing Championships

Car racing championships have been gaining popularity after a long time. These car racing championships was first started in 1887 and there is no looking back since. As the popularity increased car racing championships started to be managed and organized. These sports activity started with various cars as well from formula one races, touring cars to production car races. Some of the most popular car racing championships today are.


FIA Formula One World Championship

This is arguably one of the world highest class of car racing. This is one championship where the worlds fastest cars gather for a win. The race is conduced in a specially built circuits on public roads. There are a lot of rules one needs to follow before and after participation. Due to its huge popularity it receives some huge sponsorships for the event.

after participation

FIA World Rally Championship

This is a championship which takes place for the series of 2-4 days. The tracks are some of the biggest and the toughest in the world. This championship is considered to the greatest by every participant. It is also one of the most covered championship which can be caught on TV due to it’s large fan base.


WTCC F1A World Touring Car Championship

This championship is promoted by Eurosport which is expanded very rapidly which covers many countries. It is creating a game franchisee in every corner of the world. They have a broad topic for the target audience for the championship. The sheer number of participants and viewers are growing and is said to beat the other gaming championship to the top.


American Championship Car racing

This is a national car racing championship where single seater and racing professions participate. They have rules ad regulations which is similar to the formula one racing cars. The cars used are not as technology driven as the F1 cars but the cost per participant makes it one of the most important national championship.

Car racing


Le Mans Series

This is a European sports car championship which is managed by Automobiles Club de I’Quest. It was initially an Europe based championship but later due to its popularity reached it international status. The main aim for this championship to attract sports cars and teams into the series for the main purpose of expanding.


British Touring Car Championship

This is championship held in United Kingdom. They have recently updated its rules and regulations to bring a better and low cost car designs and engines. They tried to remove the performance disparities between the cars which even makes for a good television coverage in the UK. It has also seen a growth in popularity across Europe and Australia.


Pro Tips To Ensure Your safety During a Race

In a race car a driver feels invincible with all the equipments like the helmets and the six point harness keeps you safe. But while you are participating for a race there are certain things that you must know before you go ahead to ensure your security. Especially if you want to win the race but also stay healthy to win the trophy. The tips mentioned here are for beginners as we want to ensure their safety which can

Maintain your ride

Before you start your race, it is always a better idea to have a walk around the tracks. This helps ensure that everything about your car is right and also is like a test drive before the main event. This gives you a clear idea about the advantages the car can offer. You can also ensure that your tires are inflated to the pressure which can work in your favour.

Maintain your ride

Put down any distraction

One of the last things you want during your  game is any kind of distraction. Try to keep away your mobile or device for that matter. This will ensure that your mind is on the tracks and you can be prepared for your next step as well.


Use a seat belt

The safety of seatbelt is not stressed enough as you are driving your car in full speed you can be sure that you do not have control over your body. This can lead to your getting nasty injuries or not having any control over the steering. If you want to have the control over your wheels you need to stay put in position and also ensure that your safety is maintained for a clear mind.

seat belt

Factor in the tracks

Always try to ensure that the tracks you will be racing at are right. Try to make sure that the tracks are dry or wet. Also, factor in the smoothness or the roughness of the tracks. This because even a loose gravel in the heat can cause a very dangerous scene. Try to make sure you are aware of your surroundings as well.


Exercise caution

No matter your speed always try to exercise causing to know what is happening around you to ensure that you are where you want to be. Routinely glance at the mirrors and also look for any open sports or lanes and change path quickly if possible. Learn that it is not just you but other racers also and you want to be sure that there are no cars in front or back before you take a cut. One of the most important thing to do is to ensure everyone’s safety is to be aware of your surrounding which is done only by practice.

Best Race Cars For Beginners

If you are someone who sees a future in racing tracks. It is important that you know your ride. Racing can bring your fame and fortune but to achieve that you have a long way to go. One of the first step for a beginner who is venturing into racing is the car itself. The car you are driving also plays a very important role which can help you outperform everyone in the tracks. If you are looking for the best race cars keep on reading.



A Mustang can be expensive, but you do not have to bring in new cars. You can easily buy a Mustang which is 20-30 years old and first practice. This second hand mustang can also be sure to give you a few wins in beginning. Later, you can go ahead with a new Mustang which can start you off into the racing right.


BMW 3 Series

Race cars are expensive and the best ways to make sure to work them on your terms is to ensure that you buy a second hand one. Buy a BMW 3 series from the 1980s to 2000s to help ensure that you have a blast starting off your racing career. You can also give your self a boost by removing the back seats and making it a little lighter for your access.



Camaro is an inexpensive and powerful car where you can get started with your racing adventure. Camaro can easily give you the speed that you are looking in a Mustang but for a much inexpensive price.



Mazda MX 5 Miata

Miata is the single most raced vehicle in the US for reasons of its speed. Miata is probably one of the most preferred race cars in US. It has powerful start which keeps you going on until you have won the race. Ask you dealer for the right price to help ensure that you do not put a heavy dent in your pockets.


Porsche 944

If you really find yourself aiming for a career in racing, A Porsche 944 can make it easier for you start with your career. A Porsche can definitely put a dent in your bank account but you can again use a second hand car for your test run and after you progress you can buy yourself a new one.


Honda CRX

Want a race can which can work within your budget, A Honda CRX will make it seem like a breeze. This is probably one of the lightest car which can fly with just a touch. You can start ahead and even win the race with the right practice. Honda CRX can be brought in second hand if you are looking for a much more cheaper alternative.

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