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What is VoIP? An expert explains.

VoIP Business Services enables businesses to leverage convergence, extend the scalability, and improve productivity. VoIP or voice over internet protocol is a convertergence of broadband communications services for voice and data communication. VoIP is used for unified communications over the same network, converging traditional PSTN and OTT VoIP. VoIP Business Services provides hosted IP-based telephony and unified communications protocols on the same network, offering businesses convergence, scalability, and improved productivity. VoIP Business Services includes many features like call recording, conferencing, online video, document sharing, and file sharing all in one platform.

One of the most popular VoIP service providers today is Vonage.

Vonage is an accredited telecommunications company offering business services along with traditional phone services. Vonage’s mission is to make high-quality, reliable communications and information available to consumers and businesses. Vonage allows businesses to reduce their costs and overhead associated with long distance phone use, including unlimited long distance calls at a low monthly cost.

Another company offering scalable VoIP business services is Conversant. They offer integrated voice and data solutions for small, medium, and large businesses. They currently have over 40+ thousand lines of communications in their pipeline and have been successful in providing organizations with unified communications solutions, such as voice and data, in multiple locations. With a simple voice call, one can reach a client anywhere in the world. Companies may also choose to include web collaboration tools like Collaborators and IP enabled chat and video solutions for their business communications and data needs.

Another provider of scalable VoIP business services is RingCentral. With RingCentral, businesses can access their telephone services from any location with an internet connection. This is made possible by using VoIP sip servers, which connect callers to their telephone service through an IP-based gateway. The primary benefit of using a SIP server is that customers can take their telephone services everywhere they go with no interruption or changes to their existing communications systems.

On top of scalable VoIP services, many businesses are also taking advantage of web conferencing and online meetings. With web conferencing and online meetings, employees can collaborate from a single location with all the benefits of a telephonic conference. These services provide not only easy communication but also allow collaboration among employees who previously did not communicate face to face. Many businesses have discovered the benefits of utilizing web conferencing and online meetings for improved interpersonal communication. With this improved interpersonal communication, there has been an increased level of productivity with decreased employee turnover and a higher level of overall company satisfaction.

Vonage is another great VoIP Business Services provider that provides affordable phone service to businesses in the UK. Vonage is an off-site call provider, meaning that the customer does not have to buy a long distance telephone service like Vonage. Instead, Vonage offers a low monthly charge with unlimited long distance calls for up to 12 months. Vonage is compatible with the majority of VoIP phones and enables people to use the VoIP phone service just like their traditional landline. Vonage provides excellent sound clarity and is also compatible with HD voice.

Some VoIP providers offer a service called VoIP voicemail.

VoIP voicemail allows customers to send and receive voicemails when they switch computers or when they sign off the phone. There are a variety of different features that can be found with a VoIP phone service such as auto-attendant, call forwarding, voicemail, fax and more. Auto-attendant can be utilized when customers need to be constantly connected to someone in case of an emergency. Call forwarding permits a caller to forward his calls to another line if he chooses so that the caller won’t get interrupted in any way when he’s talking to someone.

  • For those who are looking for a simple, affordable, fast, and reliable solution for their business services, there is no better option than a VoIP phone system.
  • Most VoIP phone systems are easy to install and are a great value for money.
  • They enable employees to have access to all of their communications wherever they may be so they no longer have to rely on their business phones.
  • VoIP phone systems allow business people to handle all of their communication needs with ease and clarity.