How Can You Be Protected During Car Racing?

Driving a car like an athlete is something that has a very special place in the heart of a car racing fan. You have to spend all your spare time behind the wheel in order to develop a strong driving habit. Car racing is a passion that carries with it a lot of risk. Those who are prone to take risks in their life are those who practice it.

A lot of people who engage in this activity have to wear safety harnesses, helmets and seatbelts during the race.

These things are not only for the sake of comfort, but also to ensure safety. It has been proven that the injuries incurred during a car-racing accident tend to be quite serious. Injuries like paralysis and head trauma can be suffered during car racing accidents.

If you want to learn more about the car racing injury and how it can be prevented, then you need to take a look at the amount of force being directed towards the driver’s body during the start of the race. Every driver who is running at a high speed on the road sees the impact of the cars coming from every direction. They all face an impact of about 50Gs.

The force of these cars colliding together is similar to the force a boxer brings to his opponent at the beginning of a fight. This is why the car racing field is known as “The Ring of Death”.

If the motorist’s head were to be hit by the impact of the collision, then the brain would be broken instantly. Serious brain damage would be caused in less than ten seconds.

Therefore, it is no wonder that the insurance companies of today have the types of cover known as DSC on their list of coverages for certain collision scenarios. This is the Dynamic Stability Control System or DSCC. It is basically a system which can automatically control the speed of the car.

If the driver doesn’t press the brakes at any given point, the DSCC can slow down the speed.

If the car is skidding at any point of the race, the DSCC can slow the car down again.

However, the majority of people in car racing don’t have the luxury of having DSC which is why they often have to rely on sheer luck in these events. The car has to somehow make it through the contact with the wall or the cones and the car has to make it through the impact of the cones which might be embedded into the ground.

If you get injured in any of these collision scenarios, you can take advantage of the DSC. Most insurance companies will pay for the amount you lose as long as you get a medical report done to prove that you were injured and that the injuries sustained are not permanent in nature.

  • You can take the assistance of a lawyer or a doctor to have medical reports
  • done so that you can prove that you were not at fault in any way.
  • Insurance companies will not pay for you if they think that you were at fault.

When you are involved in an accident where you sustain serious injuries, do not hesitate to report the incident to the police. Do not take the matter lightly, because in many instances, you might have just saved yourself from being sued.

Insurance companies have a strong tendency to close their eyes to their potential customers who have suffered injuries in car racing. Be safe out there, if you want to continue to experience the thrill of a race.