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Owning A Corvette – Just Say No To The Fad

History of the Corvette

The Corvette is a car with history and a history that only began in 1959. This classic American automobile has a history that is filled with both fun and tragedy. The history of the Corvette is so rich and full of emotion that the Corvette owner could be an insurance agent or a lawyer.

For many, owning the first car to be sold on The Edmunds Car Manual was a momentous occasion. It marked the beginning of automotive history.

When Chevrolet introduced the Corvette to the world, it took the field by storm as the first American luxury vehicle to offer all the amenities of a sports car, at a more reasonable price. The Corvette also displayed style that had been seen only in European vehicles up to that point.

In its original concept, the Corvette incorporated some of the latest European technology and styling, but it was designed to offer something no other car on the road could. And although the concept was abandoned before production, the car remained a showpiece for generations to come.

Today, the Corvette is considered the first true sports car. In its time, it was also the first ever SUV as well as the first commercial automobile with power steering. The Corvette brought us the first modern automatic transmission and the first hydraulically actuated rear suspension.

The Corvette also featured a fabulous engineering that enabled the people who made it to truly create an amazing automobile. Its body structure combined with a smooth engine compartment with smooth body work and running gear. The Corvette was revolutionary at that time and its engineering continues to amaze today.

For some, the Corvette represents the American Dream.

It is not uncommon to see them still show up in high school graduating classes and at the local dealership. It is a car that symbolizes a generation’s dream. As such, the car holds a special place in many’s hearts and is held in extremely high regard.

The Chevy Corvette is one of those vehicles that just seem to work and if you have ever owned one, you know exactly what I mean. They are able to handle any conditions from the most muddy parking lot, through the hairpin turns, to a small bump in the road. In fact, they are designed to handle anything.

An owner’s manual will tell you how to accessorize your Corvette. So many of these vehicles are fitted with aftermarket accessories, which offer a great way to personalize the look of your vehicle. To make sure you get the best performance from your Corvette, you need to accessorize the engine, transmission, drive train, and suspension with the right accessories.

Standard accessories include sport seats, power locks, leather upholstery, mirrors, air fresheners, wipers, and music systems. Adding to your vehicle’s appearance are specialized parts, which provide functionality. Examples of such parts include; an aftermarket muffler, custom paint, brake calipers, and a larger radiator, among others.

If you are considering purchasing a new car or if you are contemplating swapping out your current vehicle for something newer and shinier, consider the Corvette. If you plan on driving it on a daily basis, you’ll want to purchase a good set of tires to match your vehicle.

While the Corvette may never be perfect, it is hard to deny that it is a true American icon. It offers the combination of style and function, which makes it one of the most iconic cars on the road today.