What is the Tuna Car Culture?

When you think of a tuner car culture, you probably think of the modified Honda Civic. If you’ve been to an auto show lately, chances are that you have seen at least one modified Honda Civic. What is so great about the Honda Civic? It’s low cost and it has a quick build time.

“It started out in the late 80s. It really got to be really popular,” says Warren Hathaway, one of the first tuners to go mainstream. “They really were a great vehicle because they were very easy to modify and they also have a lot of power.

“I think that when the Honda Civic came out the tuners were really big,” said Bob Sperduto, owner of Sperduto Motorsports in Madison Wisconsin. “At first it was just enthusiasts and racers. But once the Civic became a hit with the masses, they jumped on board and started adding a bunch of little things to make them a better vehicle.”

“The Civic has this culture of its own and people love to modify it. They love to add things like: unique rims, custom wheels, alloys, all kinds of new things to make them look like something that they’re not.”

“I think it’s the chief driver of their culture. You see them on the streets every day with a group of cars on their way down the street or across the parking lot.”

It is the muscle car of its day. It has a V8 engine, the most powerful engine on the road today. It also happens to be the engine used in Chrysler cars.

The Civic has a reputation as being extremely safe and also being fast. These two characteristics are both true. But that’s not what most of the tuners want to hear.

One of the latest trends is the use of nitrous oxide (NO) in the motor. NO runs through the engine to raise the intake charge temperature and increase torque.

The NO motors have become a staple of many of the modern tuner communities of enthusiasts. You can find them in many places. They can be found in websites, online forums, Facebook groups, YouTube videos, and on Twitter.

“Nitrous oxide has to be the number one reason why people make cars these days. You can do lots of things with a nitrous oxide motor. You can make it so that it makes it harder to start or you can go higher then it can go so that you can go faster and it won’t blow up. It’s just a lot of fun to play with nitrous oxide. It’s almost like playing with the wild side of horsepower.”

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