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Interested In Advertising On DFW Area?

We get over 10,000 unique hits per month and that number is steadily rising, we also have 4-6 new members join everyday and 10,000 registered members. Dallasimports.net is one of the longest running DFW dedicated forums formed in 2003 with a rock steady record the site has never been down longer than 24 hours for any reason.

Now I believe in honesty, DI has not been a place where I would spend my money for a long time. So I’m sure you’re asking yourself the same question, why should I spend money here and not those other sites? Well the answer is simple, I love this place, I’ve been a member since day 1 and now that I’m the owner I’m going to return DI to it’s rightful place of the best Car enthusiast site in the DFW. At one time we hosted meets that would make that other forums meets look like a quilting circle, we attracted not just DFW but the nations biggest names in the import community to contribute to our forums. So enough with the sales pitch let’s get down to brass tax below you will find a list of prices as well as what you get with your membership.

We have a couple different packages for sponsorship. I have an invoice system setup so if you need an invoice for Tax or just because you want it you can and will receive a invoice for your advertising. I currently use Pay-Pal for all transactions, however if you need a custom pay method I’m sure we can work something out on a one off basis.

Monthly – 50$
Annually – 300$

What this gets you is a dedicated forum in our sponsors section, you can assign up to 2 people to moderate your little corner of the forum. It will also get you a spot in our rotating banner that will appear at the top of every page. Also we have a couple of events that we are working on, you will have the opportunity to be represented at these events.