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This place is back up... now what?!

14 March 2016 - 07:46 AM

This place is back up... now what?!



Well hello there!

30 December 2015 - 09:27 AM


Drunk driver kills sons, Father immediately kills drunk driver...

19 August 2014 - 02:55 PM

What would you do?




Seems like their case is really flimsy at best, a lot of speculation and almost no evidence to support it. 

Police encounters?

23 July 2014 - 08:43 AM

I was reading some pretty funny police encounter stories the other day and figured I'd ask you hoodlems what type of funny or serious enteractions with the '5, O' you may/or may not have had in the past. 


I'll start:


Funny one... 

Last year around the 4th of July; a buddy, my brother and I decided we would go out and shoot some firework at the lake.  So we packed up a couple boxes of artillery shells and some smaller fireworks to go blow up.  On the way out we meet up with my other brother who decided he would follow us in his own car (works out really well for us later).  


Anyway we start to head out and we head up 75 north and decide to go the back way down Parker to get to the lake. So we decide to make a u-turn at McDermott and 75.  My little brother is basically tailing us everywhere we go.. so my buddy gets a wild hair and decides he wanted to drop a string of black cats in front of my brothers car.  So he lights the fuse and goes to toss it out the window as we use the protected u-turn lane under 75.  Well he tossed it a little further than he wanted and hit one of the pillars supporting 75's bridge over McDermott.  The firework bounced into the middle of McDermott rather than back into the u-turn lane.  As soon as this happens I look up at the light that we are basically skipping by taking the u-turn (75 & McDermott), and see an Allen PD car sitting at the light. I can't even react before the fireworks start exploding.  So I just punch it around the turn hoping to distance ourselves from my brother, you'll see why in a second.  So I get a couple hundred feet down the road when the squad car turns right at the light and hits his lights.  My brother turns right immediately into the parking lot to get away from the situation, and I cruise down the service road a bit and pull into the Harley motorcycle shop there. 


So the Allen PD car pulls in behind us as I park in a spot in front of the Harley shop, his lights still going.  He takes his time and walks up to the car with a huge smile on his face.  He says, "Sir I pulled you over because I saw you guys were tossing fireworks out of your moving vehicle, and that's pretty dangerous."  I respond "um...  actually that was my "neighbor" who was directly behind us, but I guess he split after trying to toss a firework at us."  We told the officer that my "neighbor" was supposed to follow us out the lake to shoot our bigger fireworks off out there so we wouldn't get into any trouble.  we showed him that all we had were sealed boxes of artillery shells and no smaller fireworks like he saw.  I explained that he was probably a little intoxicated and that's why we didn't let him ride with us, we figured he would get into some type of trouble before the night was over and didn't want him to ruin our night.  He asked for my license and insurance and got ID's from my brother and buddy.  


He comes back about 5 minutes later still smiling pretty big and hands our ID's back, and asks me to sign a ticket for expired registration.  He explains that my "neighbor" really should hold off on that stuff because it's a pretty big hazard for other drivers.  I explain that it's probably best that he took off so he doesn't get us into anymore trouble for the rest of the night.  The officer talks to my buddy for a second because he knew his sister or something in high school, and tells us to have a good night but be careful with our fun, again smiling ear to ear!  I find the preceeding statement humerous!


Then the epic moment happens, he (the Allen PD officer) throws his car in reverse to back up and we hear SLAM!!!   I look back and go to open my door to see if he was alright, and he peels off in a hurry!  As he's peeling off I glance back to see the Harley Davidson trailer that he had slammed into was now up on the sidewalk of the store front, and the gate of the trailer was pushed inside the railing of the trailer.  Complete silence in my car now. 2 or 3 minutes go by without a word between us (buddy, brother and I).  Then my buddy says, "get us the FUCK out of here, now!"  So we tear off too.  


Pretty funny.  I thought about trying to find the officer and ask him to make this ticket go away since I saw what happened, but didn't feel like pushing my luck anymore.  So we took off. 





Threw firework out of car at brother who was following, happen to be right in front of a cop.  he pulls us over and my brother splits.  We blame my brother, calling him a "neighbor" and the cop let's us off with a registration ticket.  Then the cop plows into a trailer parked behind him where we stopped and leaves...  We continue to the lake an blow some shit up.



What do you guys have?

RIP James Weller

01 July 2014 - 09:06 AM

I thought I would come on here today and see a thread already.  Since I didn't I'll go ahead and make a tribute thread to him.


Many of you knew him I'm sure.  Blue slammed 4 door integra was what a lot of people remember him by.  Friends with WOOKI3.

I got news last night that he passed away in a motorcycle accident in McKinney, don't have any other details than that.


Really sucks to lose another friend from a motorcycle accident.




RIP James!  

Good guy, and fun to be around.  We butted heads about stuff, but still had a good time hanging out. 

Prayers go out to his family and all that knew him.